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Metbud-Gończyce Sp. z o .o.

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08-460 Sobolew

PHONE: +48 605 781 199
               +48 (25) 748 40 08

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METBUD-Gończyce is a recognized producer of hooklift and skip-loader systems of container and all kinds of steel construction.

Our range is very wide and includes everything that is related to the collection and transportation of waste and raw materials.

Our advantage is : high quality, the production of non-standard products, often individual, which are certified for safe operation and timeliness of deliveries. The products are always 24 months under warranty. We only use high quality materials and our products enjoy an excellent reputation and quality. We also offer transportation at attractive prices on all our products, as well at home and abroad.

Our clients are among others companies who take up: refining cities, recycling and selective collection, transport of construction waste, scrapyard, and a lot of specialized companies, such as industrial water treatment and composting.

The core business of the company is:

  • production of hooklift containers h = 1570 mm-DIN 30722
  • production of hooklift containers h = 1200 mm
  • production of skip-loader systems of container DIN 30720
  • production of specialized containers for the individual needs of the customer
  • production of containers for selective waste collection
  • technical consulting in the choice of containers



tel: +48 605 781 199

Metbud-Gończyce Sp. z o .o.
Gończyce 34
08-460 Sobolew

We’re available from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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