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Rules of order processing

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Rules of order processing

Metbud-Gończyce Sp. z o .o.

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PHONE: +48 605 781 199
               +48 (25) 748 40 08

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1. Order acceptance

The order acceptance must be made in writing (fax, email) detailing the commodity and number of pieces.

2. Offers and prIzes

All prices are net prices in euros and don’t include VAT and transport costs. We reserve the right to pricing adjustments.

3. Delivery time

The standard term of the orders ralization is 21 calendar days. We reserve the right to partial realization of the orders (sharing orders). In case of non-standard order date of realization may be extended.

4. Delivery

Delivery costs are covered by purchaser – unloading on the side of the customer

5. Complaints

The customer is obliged to check the conformity of the commodity with documentation immediately after receipt. In case of failure or malfunction of the delivered commodity, please contact the person responsible for the execution of the order, which will inform about the complaint procedure.

Any complaints can be consider when will be declare in writing, at the latest seven days of receipt of commodity. If the complaint is accepted we are required to rectify the fault within 14 days of the delivery to the head office.

6. Payments conditions

In case of sending commodity to the customer: prepayment to our account on the base of proform facture – first puchase. With reference to regular customer, it is possibile to pay for commodity by bank transfer under the condition of not to have financials arrears to our company at the time of the place order, as well as a reliable fulfillment of this form of payment in the past.

The conditions detailed of payment are specified on the confirmation of the realization of order and facture. Due to delays in payment, we are entitled to count penalty interest in the legal amount.

7. Property of commodity

The commodity remain the property of the salesman until complete payments.


tel: +48 605 781 199

Metbud-Gończyce Sp. z o .o.
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