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Press containers / compactors

The capacity of the waste collection chamber is 20 m3.

Overall length 6685mm.

Overall width 2480mm.

Total height 2655mm.

Main hook H 1570mm with the possibility of disassembly.

Loading standard Din 30 722.

Crushing force of the compression system 370kN.

Power of the hydraulic power unit motor 5.5 kW.

The piston in the reinforced version + swinging steel collector.

Additional hook for maneuvering installed on the rear door.

Waste collection chamber for trouble-free emptying.

Single-leaf rear door sealed.

Reinforced rear door with Triple Closure System + tightening screw.

Capacitive level sensor 75% -100%

Sealing of the inspection door.

Duraflex lid above the baling chamber.

Reflective stripes.

Silent work.

CE certificate

Modifications and additional equipment of press containers:
1. Waste collection chamber:
- possibility of making a waste collection chamber with a capacity of 14-22 cubic meters.
2. Baling chamber:
- the possibility of making pressing chambers in two variants: short (PMK) and long (PMD) depending on the size of the fed waste.
3. Loading the press container:
- D50 hook at a height of d = 1570 mm according to DIN 30722
- D50 hook at the height of d = 1450
- front, rear or two-sided rope catch
- front chain hitch
Waste loading:
- front tipper for containers with a capacity of 60-360 liters according to EN 840
- front tipper for containers with a capacity of 660-1100 liters according to EN 840
- side tipper for containers with a capacity of 60-360 liters according to the EN 840 standard
- side tipper for containers with a capacity of 660-1100 liters according to EN 840
- for each tipper, it is possible to order a pressing chamber cover integrated with the tipper operation,
- tippers for 660 - 1100 liters containers can be made with an integrated container roof opener.
4. Baling chamber covers:
- a single-leaf cover made of plastic, opened in the direction of pressing,
- a single-leaf cover made of sheet metal, opened in the direction of pressing,
- double-leaf cover made of metal, opened to the side,
- double-leaf cover made of metal, opened to the side + transferred control to the wings and safety barriers (dedicated solution for manual loading from the ramp).
5. Inspection door:
- chamber inspection doors screwed on bolts (recommended solution for pressing wet waste - they provide 99% tightness).
6. Emptying waste:
- a flap (hinges on the top) with a set of sealing screws around the perimeter (a solution dedicated to pressing wet waste - 99% tightness),
- the bolt of the locking mechanism shifted by 3 meters towards the baling chamber (recommended solution when waste is unloaded at the unloading dock),
- bolt of the locking mechanism transferred to the other side
7. Electricity:
- oil level control using a float sensor (in the event of an oil leak, the press signals an error),
- oil temperature control (in case of overheating, the press signals an error),
- oil cooler (a solution dedicated to machines in continuous operation or in a hot environment),
- oil heating (solution for press containers that start at low temperatures),
- ozone generator (dedicated to shopping centers and places where the smell of waste is undesirable),
- control box on the cable (the control box is mounted on a 6-meter cable and connected to a 16-pin socket),
- additional control on the cable (in addition to the control on the machine, a control box on a 6-meter cable is added - connected to a 16-pin socket),
- GSM module (dedicated to recycling companies - the machine informs about 100% filling via SMS),
- GPS module (dedicated to recycling companies - allows you to locate the press container).
8. Others:
- guide rails (recommended when it is important to accurately position the press container, e.g. under the hopper),
- charging hopper (individually designed according to the customer's guidelines, has a special application, for example, in supermarkets, where waste is thrown from the store's warehouse into the hopper and then goes to the press container placed outside the store),
- 2 "water drain (additional water drain mounted under the waste collection chamber).